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We proudly present: SLOPY
Our Funslope mascot in private

Slopy is the mascot at our Funslope Biok. His name is no coincidence. Since Slopy spends most of his time on the slopes, he certainly lives up to his name. With his funky, shrill manner, he delights the young and not-so-young and spreads fun and action wherever he is. Find out how Slopy lives and breathes here in our very own "interview".

In general, Slopies are classic fun slope residents in the Alps. Here in Alta Badia, Slopy wears a flaming red fluffy coat and is thus the Italian contemporary of the Slopy family. His head is reminiscent of a relaxed Big Foot who takes everything in his stride. This is what makes him so lovable and popular with Funslope visitors.


In winter, Slopy spends most of his time on skis in the Funslope parks. When he's not personally buzzing around the parks, you'll find a few high fives from him. Whether it's fun slope, fun cross or kiss slope - Slopy is up for any kind of fun. But have you ever wondered what Slopy does in summer? Then take a look at our little documentary:

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.

Slopy gets most of his energy from the laughter of children. "The biggest thank you is when a child high-fives me at the end of the funslope and starts laughing. Those moments are priceless!" raves the Funslope Monster.

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.

If you want to give Slopy a high five, you should definitely not miss the Funslope Biok in Alta Badia. Slopy is there day and night and always has a cool line in store. See for yourselves. See you soon, your Funslope Crew.

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