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Snowboarding is more fun with a collection of awesome Grabs!
Grabs for days!

Grabs are awesome. It’s as simple as that. Firstly, they are helpful when it comes to finding stability in the air – when you’ve locked in your grab, not much can disturb your airtime. Secondly, they are SO fun – the feeling of really nailing a grab is quite a unique experience especially when you manage to tweak or poke it – it’s your expression of your own style which brings us to the next point.

And last but not least, a grab can be an expression of your personal style. Most grabs originate from skateboarding, they’ve been named after legends and steezing out a grab in your own way will make your passion for freestyle grow even more.

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In this edition, you’ll find some of the easier grabs with a couple ones that might feel a little trickier.  

One tip as a sidenote, that’s key is: Grabbing does mean holding on to your board BUT it’s super important, that you let the board come to you by bringing your knees closer to your torso and pulling up those feet instead of reaching down.


  • Tasty chicken salads baby, yes there’s also a grab named after this delicious meal. The “Chicken Salad” is a quirky grab that always impresses. Grab with your leading hand through your legs onto your heel edge. Once the grab feels secure, push your front foot outwards to bone it out. 
  • The “Roastbeef” is the opposite of a Chicken Salad. Your rear hand reaches between your legs to grab your heel edge, try boning it out with your rear leg. 
  • “Tail” grabs for daaaaays – it’s the opposite of a “nose” grab where we obv. don’t mean your physical nose but the top edge of your snowboard. Basically, the front – a “trail grab” is grabbing the rear end of your board. By pushing your front leg out straight you can add some style, first pop, then grab then steeze.


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  • Who doesn’t love a big fresh juicy Melon? Well, we don’t mind one either and even have a grab named after a big fat juicy Melon: “Melon” grab. It’s another timeless grab that’s always in fashion – hold onto your heel edge with your leading hand and grab anywhere between your bindings! Bone your front leg out if you feel like it, it will make you believe you’re Kung Fu Pander throwing a flying kick.


    Believe it or not, there’s a grab named after a stale fish – the “Stalefish”. It’s another welcome classic that originated in the skateboarding scene. Hold on to your heel edge between your bindings with your trailing/back hand. Pushing your back foot across at the same time will help with reaching the grab and some extra steez – don’t sweat if you don’t manage the first couple of times, this one takes a fair amount of practice!

  • It’s Method Monday every day. A “Method” is the crème de la crème of grabs and usually the one, that shows off your style most. Lift up your board, grab your heel edge close to your front binding with your leading hand and pull sideways – your back hand can counter rotate to the front, kind of like you’re hugging an oversized panda bear. Try and keep the board horizontal and push your back foot out for that extra slice of steeze.


    The good old “Weddle” grab – the “Weddle” Grab has recently been renamed. It used to be called a “Mute” Grab after the man himself, Chris Weddle, who invented the trick skateboarding. Chris is deaf, so people called him the mute guy. It’s about time this got changed and officially it’s called the “Weddle” grab now.

  • Your leading hand grabs hold of your toe edge anywhere between the bindings. By straightening your back leg, you get do a poke, by straightening both legs you do a “stiffie” – questionable trick though.

  • The good old “Indie” grab is an absolute classic. Your trailing hand (your back hand) is supposed to grab your toe edge between your bindings – again first pop off the kicker, pull up your legs and let the grab come to you. Another bonus doing this is having more room to move and style the grab out.


    Have fun exploring new grabs and be patient. Rome also wasn’t built in a day.  

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