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Insight Fun Mountain Alta Badia

Do you ever wanted to know which preps are necessary before you can rock the Fun Mountain Alta Badia? Then here is your chance! We show you the different areas and what we've to prepare there:

Snowpark Alta Badia

At 8 a.m. the shapers and Park Designer Markus meet at the valley station and take the first gondola into the ski area. When they arrive at the top station, they go straight to the garage picking up the quad. From there, a shaper is then taken to the park entrance. First the fences are put up and everything is prepared for the safety of the guests. Once the facility can be opened without hesitation, a bit of free time is on the agenda and the park can be shredded by oneself. "One of the best feelings is the first day we shred the finished park together," says Park Designer Markus proudly.


At lunchtime, another check is carried out and possible damage is repaired. Of course, the chill area is looked after, and we chill and shred with the community. After the lift closes, it's time for the reshape. The reshape is one of the most important tasks so that everything runs smoothly again the next day. The take-offs are shaped, obstacles are shovelled free, and damage is checked and corrected.

Funslope, Funcross & Kidsslope

As in the snow park, all preparations for the next day must be made in the evening. This includes preparing the slopes, reshaping the features, and checking & correcting the normal wear and tear damage. In the early morning, only a quick check is made, and the lifts can be opened. Funslope, Funcross & Kidsslope are looked after by our Shape Crew on the side, because they clearly require less effort during the season. However, it can sometimes take weeks to set up, as the details often play an important role.

All our facilities are always looked after by professional staff from the Shape Academy. A big THANK YOU to all the hard-working helpers! See you next time!

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