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Hacks für Funslope & Funcross

© Chris Riefenberg

Our Funslope Biok and our Funcross La Para are eye-catchers when you are out and about in the Alta Badia ski area. With a few little tips & tricks, you can get the maximum fun out of them and rock the snow facilities. Here are our hacks for Funslope & Funcross:

Follow the FIS rules

Before you hit the slopes, take a glance at the FIS rules at the park entrance and memorise them. This will help you avoid accidents and keep the fun flowing.

Banked turns

The best way to enter a banked turn is with an upright body position, through the middle of the turn and go into your knees. After leaving the steep turn, immediately squat down. This way you can get the maximum speed and fun out of the turn. Try it out!


Waves are approached with an upright position. At the highest point of the wave, you then bend your knees so that it looks as if you are "swallowing" the wave. With this technique you get the maximum speed out of the wave. Easy, isn't it?


The most important thing in carving is the alpine skiing behaviour, i.e., the hands are slightly open in front of the upper body, and you bend your knees slightly. When carving, you don't really do anything other than bring both skis onto one edge. If the hands are slightly open in front of the upper body and you release the edge pressure with a slight upward movement, you can perfectly initiate the swing into the next turn if you give your knees to the side. Know how!

With these hacks you'll be ready for our Funslope & Funcross. Try them out and you'll see how the speed comes all by itself. Have fun & take care!

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