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The perfect snack on the slopes – The 10 best snacks for a great snow day

All young and youthful winter sports enthusiasts not only look forward to wedelling, plowing and carving in the ski season, but also to the enjoyable breaks between the runs on the slopes. If you get hungry before lunchtime and your limbs turn into jello again, it's definitely time for a break. To relieve the stress of packing snowboard, skis, poles, shoes and children, we have compiled a list of the 10 best snacks on the slopes that everyone can find at home and take with them on snow adventures without much effort.

All of the criteria for this list are based on a precise formula of texture and taste, pocketability, smell, shareability and over-informed personal opinion.


1.     An apple. Without question, it has been making a name for itself for decades with all its advantages and has therefore also made it into our list. Easy to share, smells good, tastes good and fits in every pocket.

2.     A bar. This is also well-known and popular in the sports world and can be purchased in all possible versions. Whether healthy and without added sugar or with a lot of chocolate and caramel - there are no limits to you.

3.     Some Nuts & Dried Fruits. A combination that makes all taste buds shine and can easily be stowed in a bag in the jacket pocket.

4.     A sandwich. A provision that not only provides energy but can also be filled as desired. Whether meat, vegetarian or vegan; it's best to turn everything that can be found in the fridge between 2 breads into a delicious snack.

5.     A grape sugar. Simple sugar for the short-term energy boost you need. It fits easily in every small bag and is very good to eat before the next descent.

6.     A chocolate. Wonderfully tasty for the psyche, whether dark, milk or white. But be careful, because the danger of melting can be great, especially on very warm ski days.

7.     Gummy bears or chewy candies. The absolute hit for all children but also adults and perfect for surviving the long lift ride.

8.     Vegetable sticks. The healthy version that everyone likes. Carrots, cucumber, kohlrabi, peppers and more can be easily stowed in a zip bag and packed in the bag. A little tip: Add a dip.

9.     A fruit juice. It is best to put it in the jacket pocket in a small tetra pack and enjoy it as a small thirst quencher at any time on the slopes.

10.   A boiled egg. Here, too, it is best to pack it well in a zip bag so that nothing can leak into your jacket pocket in the event of a fall. It is still important to be sure that it is really cooked. It is best to put the bowl back in the bag or in a rubbish bin, but it should never be found on the slopes.


Hopefully this list will be of some help to you on your next trip to the snowy world. With this in mind, we wish you a fabulous and enjoyable winter season in Alta Badia.

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