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Sustainability meets Fun Mountain Alta Badia

Sustainability plays a huge role for many ski resorts. Since they are located in the middle of nature and depend on it, it makes sense to look after Momma Nature and keep it clean. With a few small tips, everyone can make a contribution. Check it out:

Travel alla eco-friendly

We recommend arriving by public transport. Alta Badia is perfectly connected to the infrastructure and you also save a lot of stress and money. Therefore, stay several days in the Dolomites. Now that the Spring Shred is approaching, it makes sense to enjoy Sunny Rides in the Dolomites anyway.

Renting instead of lugging

In order to be able to travel comfortably by public transport, we recommend renting your ski equipment directly on site. On the one hand you can try out different skies or snowboard and on the other hand you can enjoy well-maintained equipment. Many people buy expensive ski equipment for a few days in the mountains, which is expensive and bad for the environment. So, it's better rent than lug.

Littering on the mountain

Please, try not to leave any rubbish on the mountain during your sessions. From plastic packaging to cans or even cigarette butts. Take the rubbish with you to the next wastepaper basket or take it back into the valley and dispose it properly. For cigarette butts, there exist cool pocket ashtrays.

Eco-friendly accommodation

Yes, accommodation can also be environmently friendly. Hotels run by families usually use regional products, such as homemade jam or meat from the butcher next door. In addition, more and more hotels are trying to use as little plastic as possible at the buffet. Take a good look at the hotel of your choice and decide with your environmentally heart.

With these small sustainability tips, you can also make a positive contribution to climate change. Approach the topic slowly and you will see that sustainability can be easy. Stay sendy!

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