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Spring Shred @ Snowpark Alta Badia

Spring Shreds are something pretty special. The sun is shining, good vibes everywhere & shredding in a hoodie or even a T-shirt - sounds shredalicious. We have more than enough reasons for the spring shreds @ Snowpark Alta Badia. Watch out:

Sound of Silence

Experience shows that the Alta Badia ski resort is a little calmer at the end of March and April. These months are no longer in the high season and therefore attract fewer guests to the ski resort. Ideal for spring shreds on the whole track.

Sunny Rides in the Dolomites

Sunny rides in the Dolomites are a USP in spring. The sun shines more often and more intensively. Perfect for all those who want to recharge their serotonin and vitamin D levels. Little Reminder: always use sunscreen before you go spring-shredding!

More than enough snow

If you think that the snow conditions are worse in spring, you are wrong. Especially in the Alta Badia Snowpark, perfect conditions are included until the last day. Let's gooo!

Bye Hoodie, Hello Spring

It's getting hot at the Spring Shred Sessions in Alta Badia. That's why we think: the less clothing, the better. Whether in a hoodie or a T-shirt - it's still warm enough thanks to the sunny rides. In addition, you can already build up a crisp basic tan for the summer in our chill area. It's getting hot in here!

All day long

In spring, the sun not only shines more often, but also for longer. The days are getting longer and longer, and sessions can be therefore enjoyed for much longer. A sunset shred with loads of good vibes and sick tricks is worth the cost. We can't wait!

So, let's go for the Spring Shred Session in the Snowpark Alta Badia! It will take a little while until next winter comes around the corner. We are looking forward to all Spring Shredders and wish you all the best!

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