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Safe & Stoked @ Snowpark Alta Badia

Safety in the park stays close to our hearts. If we all follow a few small rules & commandments, we protect ourselves and our colleagues. Therefore, here are the most important park rules in fast forward for maximum fun:

  1. We recommend a warm-up session before every shred session. Even a few stretching exercises can help to minimise or even avoid injuries.


  1. Be respectful to other riders. Before you enter the park, look around and only ride when you are sure of what you are doing.


  1. Try more risky jumps only step by step. Start with a few basics and only when you are good at them, you can try bigger & riskier jumps. A little warm-up during the session, so to speak.


  1. Only stop at exposed spots in the park. Especially if you want to take photos & videos of your friends, it is important to look for a place where other riders can see you and you feel 100% safe.


  1. Most important: Always wear a helmet in the park. Accidents never happen beforehand!


  1. During long sessions we recommend small breaks in between. Use the chill are. Breaks directly in the park should be avoided.


  1. First aid: You witness an accident? Then secure the accident site immediately and provide first aid. It's best to divide up the tasks and keep the rescue chain running.


  1. If you are shaping features, do not drive on them! Closed features are also part of this rule.


  1. NEVER ride in the park when it is closed. The park is closed for good reason!


  1. Buzzword: overconfidence. If you are unsure of some tricks, listen to yourself and don't overestimate yourself!

Alrighty! If everyone takes these few rules and commandments to heart, injuries can be largely avoided. Your health is important to us! We are looking forward to the Spring Sessions with you. Take care!

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