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Friendbook entry of Slopy
Funslope Biok

Year of birth: 2015

My home: Alta Badia, Dolomites, Italy

Favorite season: stupid question, winter of course!

Hobbies: spending time on the funslope with cool kids, taking pictures, blasting down the funslope by myself, jumping rope

Favorite food: Germ dumplings with vanilla sauce

Favorite drink: Almdudler

Mustard or ketchup: vanilla sauce

Favorite color: blue, like my beautiful fur

Favorite animal: cookie monster, looks very much like me I think

Do you sing in the shower: I don't shower, rolling in the snow is enough and of course I always sing while doing it

I am a fan of: Snow, the Funslope Biok and kids showing off their skills on the Funslope with a big grin on their face.

I am not a fan of: Rainy days, garbage on the slopes and party pooper.

I'm known for: my blue fluffy fur, fun brakes on the slopes

Best song: Ski Twist by Hansi Hinterseer

My friends would describe me as: funny, lovable, fluffy, a bit chaotic and secret party animal

This is where I can be found the most: at the moment on the Funslope Biok, which can easily be reached with the chairlift Biok!

This must not be missing on the Funslope: the Slope Cop, the double wave run and very important is the High Five!

My perfect day: lots of sun, snow and when kids race down the funslope and give me a high five or say hello and take a picture with me while Ski Twist is running in continuous loop and at the end of the day a big portion of Germ dumplings with vanilla sauce is waiting for me.


If you want to get to know me even better, then come by for a visit to the Funslope Biok in Alta Badi. Enjoy a day on the Funslope together with friends and family and me, Slopy. I'm looking forward to meeting you, see you soon, your Slopy! <3


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