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Fresh up your Freestyle Glossary
For all freestyle newcomers

You're new to the freestyle business and have only recently started riding in the many different snowparks of the Alps? Steezy, spins, flips and grabs - for those who not only had to do without their beloved shred time in the Snowpark Alta Badia during the past Corona winter, but also had to go through a complete shred withdrawal, here is a little refresher course.


The term combines two words, namely "style" and "ease" and describes a good and casual style as well as coolness. So, we think the term is pretty steezy.



"Sendy" refers to daring lines with a lot of potential. This can be a particularly steep or dangerous line or a line over a monster kicker. Send it!



This term should not be taken too literally, especially during Corona times. In freestyle language, the term is simply used to express the intensification of "cool". Sick.



This string of terms is simply used to describe that a trick went unintentionally wrong. Most of the time, after a failed trick, you are lying there thrown over the pile. So, it definitely makes sense.



Is this trick called a one-eighty or a three-sixty? With the spins, it can happen that your head is completely turned, and you get confused. The following examples should explain the turns a bit more:


  • one-eighty = half turn (180 degrees)
  • three-sixty = complete turn (360 degrees)
  • five-fourty = one and a half turn (540 degrees)
  • seven-twenty = twofold rotation (720 degrees)
  • fourteen-forty = fourfold rotation (1440 degrees)



If you are a snowboarder, you have a few more options for riding on the edge. You can either tackle turns on the frontside (toe side of the snowboard) or backside (heel side of the snowboard). There is also a distinction between regular (left leg in front) and goofie (right leg in front).



Grabs are supposed to give the trick that certain extra style. We have summarised the most important grabs for you here:


  • Tail-grab = the back hand grabs the end of the snowboard.
  • Melon = the front hand grabs the heel side of the snowboard
  • Mute = the front hand grips the middle of the frontside edge
  • Chicken Salad = the back hand grabs the middle of the backside between the legs


Flip tricks/rolls

From backflip to triple cork, it's easy to lose track and be confused. We would therefore like to introduce a few basics:


  • Frontflip = flip forward over the snowboard (also somersault in the air)
  • Backflip = backflip over the snowboard (backwards somersault)
  • Corkscrew = during the jump you turn around yourself on two axes
  • Double Cork 1080 = two complete flips and three complete spins
  • Triple Cork 1620 = turn four and a half times around your own axis plus three times overhead



When a skier really gets it, it's okay to complement him or her. It can be described best with this term: A ripper knows exactly what he is doing on the mountain and likes to show it.



This adjective is used very often and with pleasure. "Gnarly" stands for everything that is particularly extreme, radical, hardcore or cool.


Sick, isn't it? See you soon in the Alta Badia Snowpark - btw, the next setup news will be coming soon!

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