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5 essentials for your spring ski day
What you cannot miss on your spring ski trip to Alta Badia

Spring has sprung and the temperatures are going up again. To make your spring-like winter sports day a little easier, we have listed five essential things that you should consider on your next trip to Alta Badia:

1. Right equipment

Thermal layer over thermal layer is pretty much unnecessary in March when the sun is shining and the temperatures are higher again. For a spring ski day with good weather, it is best to dress a little lighter than in previous months and take a change of shirt with you to prevent the risk of catching a cold when you stop off to one of the huts.

2. Snack

What could be better than enjoying a snack at the ski lift or at the top of the mountain before the next descent is imminent. In order to save you the agony of choosing in the supermarket and also to save you time, we have already compiled a list of the 10 best snacks on the slopes. Just click here and let off steam.

3. Handkerchiefs

The cold airstream while hitting the slope and then the warm sun; your nose is likely to be a bit sniffy then. We suggest to put a handkerchief or two in your jacket pocket, this will definitely also make it easier to take a deep breath after the descent. Also, they are very practical for small injuries or when snacking.

4. Sunscreen

Many winter sports enthusiasts forget that even in cold seasons the sun can be very strong, especially at a few meters in altitude and with the reflection of the snow. It is therefore very important to protect the skin with sunscreen when skiing or snowboarding and also to care for the lips with UV lip protection.

5. Ski goggles with UV protection

Not only the face and lips should be protected from the sun, but the eyes also don't want to suffer either. Therefore, make sure that your ski goggles have sufficient UV protection, because not all ski goggles offer enough protection from the sun.

Important tip: The early morning catches the worm and in this case also the best temperatures and snow conditions. While the temperatures in spring are already rising steadily during the day and the sun is beginning to shine diligently, the temperatures still fall below freezing point at night. Therefore, as soon as the rooster makes the first noise in the morning, get out of bed and set off for Alta Badia to take advantage of the best snow and slope conditions.

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